Microsoft Hololens Could be Future of Medical Learning.

Microsoft (Company Behind Windows ) have recently showcased a Headset device called HOLOLENS, a smart glass which can present 3D Presentation in Real World.

In the video, the Microsoft talks about how through its partnership is transforming the way human anatomy is taught to prospective doctors.

On the video, medicine students can create holographic projection of the human body. This way students can see how bones, muscles Arteries as well as other organs of the human body work without the need to dissect a cadaver.

Student using Hololens said “I had a moment where I found the aortic valve and it was actually the first time i’d seen the valve in relation to all the other anatomical structures. It was a way of seeing it that you couldn’t do with an actual heart, he added.”

Through the use of HoloLens’ augmented reality environment, students and teachers can create simulations of several medical situation without the need of a live human patient which in turn creates a low-stress environment for future medical practitioners.