The 5 Greatest Medical Inventions of Last “50” years


In today’s world, technology is king. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where innovation and technology are giving doctors and care givers the ability to better predict diseases, more accurately diagnose illnesses, perform complex surgeries with ease, and improve the lives of people all around the world.


3rd Prosthetic Limbs are no longer non functioning items. Technology now allows us to replicate the action of a person’s tendons and muscles to mimic natural human body motion. Battery-powered motors, microprocessors, and Bluetooth technology allows a person to adjust settings easily with smartphones to ensure natural and consistent motion 4th 5th Instead of incisions that leave extensive scarring, minimally-invasive surgeries leave only small marks on the body and allow for greater accuracy during surgery and less post-operation recovery time. 6th 7th Whether used for corrective eye surgeries, cosmetic dermatolgy, or the removal of pre-cancerous lesions, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissiion of Radiation (LASER) allows for accurate focus on very small areas of body. 8th 9th Heart disease is the number ONE killer in the World, leading cardiologists to continually search for ways to improve heart health. currently, temporary and permanent artificial heart are being used to help patients stay healthy while awaiting a heart transplant or to nurse their current heart back to health 10th 11thBy combing a series of images or “slices”, taken from many different angles, doctors can examine detailed parts of the body individually or produce a 3-D image of that area, allowing them to quickly and accurately identify internal trauma or irregularities.

Reference: Google Search

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