Forensic Medicine OSPE Slides – BATCH 38



1. Choking
2. Fractured Hyoid Bone (Above age 40)
fractured hyoid bone(in throttling above age 40)
3. Hanging – V Shaped Ligature Mark
hanging, v shaped ligature mark
4. Hanging
5. Hanging
6. Heroin Bags in Stomach
heroin bags in stomach
7. Heroin Capsule
heroin capsules
8. Hyoid Bone
hyoid bone
9. Ligature Stangulation
ligature stranglation,
10. Maggots
maggots appearence
11. Manual Strangulation – Throttling
manual strangulation (throttling0
12. Marbling
14. Mummification
15. Petechial Hemorrhage
petechial hemorrhages.
16. Positional Asphyxia (Hog Tie)
positional asphxia( hog tie).. positional asphyxia( hog tie)
17. Postmortem Lividity – CO Poisoning
postmortem lividity
18. Putrefaction
putrefaction sign.
19. Rigor Mortem
rigor mortem testing
20. Sign of Putrefaction
sign of putrefaction
21. Skin Popping in Heroin Addicts
skin popping in heroin addicts
22. Skin Popping
skin popping.
23. Skin Slippage
skin slippage.
24. Skin Slippage
skin slippage
25. Ligature Strangulation
26. Ligature Strangulation
27. Suffocation – Asphyxial Death
suffocation(asphyxial death)
28. Toches Noires
toches noires.
29. Toches Noires
toches noires

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