Amazing Facts : Human Tested to Limits

7What’s The Oldest Age we can Reach?

“No Single Subject is more obscured by vanity, deceit, falsehood and deliberate fraud than extreme of human longevity”

Extraordinary claims of Old age Continue to surface in the media but what, realistically is the upper Limit for the human race?

No Authentic account can be found of someone living 122 years – and only one Person ever reached this extreme age. But is this extreme age. but is this Absolute Limit of life?

Gerontologist Robert Young Explains the limiting factors of longevity and makes his prediction for the oldest possible age…


Surviving Old Age:

As we age, we all undergo inevitable Physiological changes, some of which we can counteract or at least slow down.

Those who live longer tend to “Look Young” as the effects of age unfold at a slower rate than normal



Limits Of Human With Their Age’s Bound:

Human Age Survived Maximum 115 yrs of Life




Humans Constantly challenging Nature for the Survival of the Fittest.Facing death and Endure it with will to survive Longer On Earth.

How our bodies age is still largely a mystery, although we are learning more and more each year. Scientists do maintain, however, that chronological age has little bearing on biological age. The number of candles on your birthday cake merely serves as a marker of time;

Courtesy: Guinness World Records

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