How To Concentrate on Studies


Are you having trouble concentrating? Here are some ways to get your focus back on track!

Potential Issues With Concentration

Look at what influences concentration. Many issues go far beyond mere laziness into planning and facilitating (making it happen).

  • Get a full night of rest. Sleep deprivation can make it very difficult to concentrate for a topic for long periods of time. Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of rest per night.
  • Remove stress and anxiety producing factors. Worrying about other things, whether they be relationships or friends, can make it difficult to put those issues aside and focus on your studies. You may want to consider removing some of these stressors and tackle them head on. Is your schedule too loaded? Are you dealing with peer pressure?
  • Adopt a healthier diet. Your body needs good food in order to keep it running well. Poor diets can be linked to low energy and depression, which can make it difficult to concentrate. On the flip side, caffeine can overstimulate you and lead to nervousness.
  • Avoid symptoms of boredom. Boredom comes from doing something that lacks meaning or motivation to you. Try to find a way to make your studies more interesting, or at least create good rewards for yourself that will make you more motivated to finish — like get a salad to celebrate.
  • Sublimate: be vigorous and emotional to succeed using anger or even fear of making a C to motivate practice of skills or study concepts.

Create An Environment For Concentration

  • Have everything you need to study. Your pencils and pens, highlighters and books should be within your reach so that you are not distracted while studying.
  • Have a snack nearby. Something simple like crackers or chips will help your mind stay focused. Don’t drink coffee, tea, or any other energy drinks. They will eventually lead to crash that makes you feel tired.
  • Have a timetable. Work for 30-60 minute periods with 5-15 minute breaks in between.
  • Find a quiet place to study. You want the room to be silent and free of distractions in order to concentrate. For example, do not study right in front of a TV because you will only do your homework when the advertisements come up.
  • Make sure your cell phone and other electronic devices are turned off. This will help you avoid temptations to be off task and allow you to stay on your plan.
  • Consider playing music softly. For some people, music helps them concentrate. For some, it doesn’t. Try it out and see what works best for you.

General Tips For Concentration

  • Do the least pleasant tasks first. While fresh you can sizzle with the highest powers of concentration at your disposal. “Do the most critical understandings and deep background concepts early”, before moving on to easier (less challenging) but necessary grinding out of details. If you do the easier tasks first, you will be thinking about/and “stressing-nerves” on the harder ones, the whole time, and feel more tempted to avoid them once you do reach them (at the end of too much busy-work).
  • Have an objective list. Write out a list of everything you need to accomplish. Check each items off as you finish it.
  • The “5 More” rule. Tell yourself to do only five more things before quitting. Once you’ve finished those, do another five. Breaking tasks up into smaller chunks makes things easier for those with shorter concentration spans.
  • Reward yourself. Offer yourself incentives once you’ve completed a study task. This will improve your motivation and therefore your concentration.

Reference: Sheeraz’s Brain


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